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Oric 1 – a dream comes true

Lesedauer: < 1 Minute Was für ein Schnapp. Der Oric 1 ist eines dieser seltenen Geräte auf eBay. Ein Zeitzeuge aus den 80er Jahren mit schlechter Tastatur.

I always dreamed about getting the Oric 1 for my collection. And now I got it via eBay for a very fair price. I have now both standard computers from the Oric company. They are both in pretty good shape for their age. I did not receive any of the cables or the power bricks. I don’t think that they are still in working condition. So if anybody can share their power brick with me I will check it out 😀

Please have a look in my computermuseum with a short description about the Oric 1.

Shortly after the Oric 1 I was able to purchase the Oric Atmos from a seller from France.

The story about Oric shows the dramatic misperception of Oric’s management about their future success in the market. Regular early announcements of products annoyed customers. The computer had errors in the ROM and an annoying bug in the loading procedure of software from tape. The limitations regarding varaiable names in their BASIC implementation were weird, e.g. you cannot have a variable called SCORE because it contains the boolean operator OR.

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