10er 80er Digitale Helferlein Sinclair Tastaturen ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum Twins

Lesedauer: 3 Minuten New and recreated computers of the ZX Spectrum are impressive twins. The retrocomputing initiative provides some good results.

Here are some nice photos about my ZX Spectrum twins.

After I decided to stop my purchases for my museum I couldn’t resist to bid money for a ZX Spectrum in good condition according to the photos. And I was lucky because I got the lot for an affordable price.

A few days later I received the package. I was impressed and lucky to get such a piece in mint condition. I love this device like I never thought I would be. My collection has three main themes: 1. Sinclair 2. Apple 3. Design. And this device is so much for 1 and 3. Compared to the ZX Spectrum Recreated it is heavier and of course it has some scratches in the plastic. But the keyboard plate is perfect and it is more beautiful than the Recreated. It is now another corner stone of my Sinclair theme 🙂

The ZX Spectrum from 1982 and the Recreated from 2015 look the same. Only the backside and the internals are completely different. Also the intention of the Recreated Spectrum was different – to be used as a bluetooth keyboard for playing classic ZX Spectrum games. But the inventors of the Recreated developed a business model which was not successful and so only a few thousand devices were sold. I bought this device because I wanted to get a device which looks identically to the original device in the 80s. And it looks awesome. I was not aware that this device is so cute.

When you compare these two devices then you get the feeling that the old computer has a much more beautiful keyboard plate (more intensive colours), and a higher weight.

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