First donations for my museum arrived

Yesterday I went to the post office and received my first computer donations for my museum. I really appreciate the delivery of a Schneider CPC464 and the Commodore Amiga 600. Thank you Fabian.


Commodore Amiga 600

In this summer I was on vacation in Austria driving beautiful Alps Pass roads with friends. On one of this days I helped one of the other drivers and I told him about my computer passion. Suddenly he offered me to send me his vintage CPC 464. A few days later he reported that he also found a Commodore Amiga A600 and that he would also send this machine to me. It is a wonderful addition to my Commodore Plus 4 because both computers are considered as complete fails. They represent the end of both the 8bit and the 16bit lines of Commodore. The Amiga 600 even started the beginning of the end of Commodore.

Schneider CPC464

The Schneider CPC464 is the German distributed version of the Amstrad CPC464. Amstrad had no distribution network in Germany for it’s computers so they teamed up with Schneider who established the Schneider Computersysteme GmbH. The CPC464 was an excellent machine and while other computer manufactures of the early 1980s failed and disappeared Sir Alan Michael Sugar succeeded in this highly competitive market with a computer which offered a tape recorder and a monitor included. The Basic was also good and so Amstrad was one of the only survivors on the British home computer market. Amstrad later even took over one of its strongest competitors – Sinclair. The computer which I have now in my collection came from a friend where I helped him with his car. He offered to send me this computer of him as a gift for a collection and now I have a Schneider/Amstrad. The size of this device is impressive. It is the longest device I have in my collection.

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