Computermuseum: Sony Vaio UX from 2008

After Smartphones and soon to come tablets became successful on the market Microsoft and Intel suffered because Wintel device sales figures went done. Microsoft and Intel decided that they needed to install a completely new class of low powered portable and compact devices with MS Windows. The market was incentivised with money to produce for this new class of UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs) and many companies release intersting products. One of these very compact devices was the beautiful Sony Vaio UX. It was a highly integrated design with all thinkable functionality, even mobile connectivity. But all of these devices showed also to the customers that the idea of a full blown Desktop OS on a small screen is not useable. The UMPC concept was crap and so it was not continued after 2010 when the first iPad was successful. In fact Wintel never relieved after this attempt with UMPC.

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